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The waters off the coast of Belize are some of the most bountiful in the world. Whether lolling on “The Pelagic” on a sunny day or fighting big fish for a hardcore week at sea, HFC is ready to abide. We employ only the most experienced captains and crews, state-of-the-art technology, and encourage a fun, yet professional, atmosphere.


ERWIN WESTBY –Fleet Captain

Erwin Westby earned the nickname “Siggy – Creole for “fast Parrot Fish” – at the age of 12 when he began diving the coast of southern Belize. With his skills (and some say gills) he became a commercial lobster fisherman to earn money for college, winning a scholarship to travel abroad and attend Boston University, where he completed his degree in Business Management. Soon enough, Erwin brought his education back to the sea serving as Cruise Director and Local Guide for The American-Canadian Caribbean Cruise Line (ACCL) as well as Captain at Ocean International where he explored Cuba with “Jaws” author Peter Benchley and other members of the National Geographic team. In 2000, he again assumed the mantel of Captain, navigating a privately-owned 208’Larson around the globe for two full years. Mr. Westby has fished tPenas Bay, Panama, Papa New Guinea, Fiji, Coco Island, Costa Rica, the US and British Virgin Islands, the ABC Islands, Haiti, and St. Croix to name but a few. He was Captain for Aggressor Fleets and currently holds the rank of “International Captain” – the only such assignation in Placencia. Erwin is a certified NAUI and TDI Scuba Diving Course Director and is the Founder of The Placencia Mooring Masters, a not-for-profit Organization devoted to the preservation of Belize’s unique marine biodiversity.

Older brother to Fleet Captain Erwin Westby, Martin Westby is one of the most experienced Captains on the Peninsula. He has been a founding member of the Placencia Fishing Cooperative for nearly 18 years, as well as First Mate and Engineer on vessels like “The Caribbean Prince” and “Newshoreham II” – both under the flag of The American Canadian Caribbean Cruise Line. Martin holds First Aid, Guide, and Sport Fishing licenses (with Trap Certification) and was Founder of Gone Fishing Charters, an established fly fishing outfit wiped out by Hurricane Iris in 2001. A versatile veteran, Martin can “Fly” in the flats AND effortlessly captain our deep sea vessels into waters navigable only by the precious few.


Darrel Westby may be our youngest Captain but don’t let his age fool you. Mr. Westby – a descendant of the prestigious Westby family – is a licensed Fisherman and Tour Guide. Fleet Captain Erwin Westby tells the story of his nephew’s primary school principal complaining of a “fishy smell” coming from Darrel in class, only to find out that the boy had stashed a bag of sardines in his pocket with which to fish off the beach during school day breaks. After removing the sardines, Darrel became a Commercial Fisherman at age 16, joining the Placencia Fishing Cooperative, and at 18 graduated from the Belize Port Authority Captain School with flying colors. At 21 Darrel found his niche, devoting his abundant skills to Sport Fishing and joining his uncles Erwin and Martin as another key Westby on the Hardcore Fishing team.



Our state of the art 32’ Cape Horn boasts two 250HP Yamaha outboards, large-format Garmin GPS w/FishFinder, 8 speaker stereo, live well, and capacity for eight outrigged lines..The Pelagic accommodates 6 guests (+crew) and handles Inner and Outer Reef angling like a pro.


These 23′ Belizean skiffs feature 90hp Yamaha outboards, pop-up canopies, and oodles of tradition. Each accommodates 2-3 guests (+crew) and provides a nimble solution for hard-to-reach flats as well as deep water.


HFC utilizes the most state-of-the-art equipment on the Peninsula, featuring Penn (50-120) Reels, Eat My Tackle, Ugly Stick, and Orvis. rods (and reels), Yo-Zuri and Rapala lures, as well as a selection of braided, monofilament, and fused lines.



Spin and troll through the mazes of the “Inner Reef”; a system of undersea valleys where Mackerel, Barracuda, Snapper, and Jack reign supreme. Will you have the skills to lure them from their coral kingdoms? With a little luck and an HFC Captain, you’ll be angling for the throne.

Pelagic – $1100 USD / $2200 BLZ      Light Tackle/Fish Frenzy – $400 USD / $800 BLZ


The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world but the fishing is second to none. Break in the outriggers and troll for Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, and the almighty Marlin. Don’t forget your gloves – these bad boys can put up a fight!

Pelagic – $1350 USD / $2700 BLZ    Light Tackle/Fish Frenzy – $775 USD / $1550 BLZ


Feeling groovy? Chill and troll while you listen  to our famous “Fish Mixes” on the Pelagic’s 8- speaker stereo system. But stay frosty: when Mackerel, Wahoo, and Barracuda come calling you don’t want to be the one caught with your pants down!

Pelagic – $1100 USD / $2200 BLZ    Light Tackle/Fish Frenzy – $400 USD / $800 BLZ


Take a spin on the Lagoon side of the Peninsula, where calmer waters prevail and the turquoise seas are just a little shallower. Don’t be deceived – still waters run deep and so does your desire to net Jack, Snapper, Snook, and Barracuda!

Light Tackle/Fish Frenzy – $400 USD / $800 BLZ


Out here, off the Reefs and Cayes,  you never know who (or what) will be on the other end of the line. Crank up the Penn 120’s and shoot for Goliath Grouper, wild caught Tuna, and what the locals call “Ocean Booty.” Your arms might burn at the end of the day but so will the freshest fish you’ve ever tasted.

Pelagic – $1100 USD / $2200 BLZ    Light Tackle/Fish Frenzy – $400 USD / $800 BLZ


The flats of southern Belize make for some of the best fly fishing in the world. Hop on the Light Tackle or Fish Frenzy and deftly drift across the planes.. Our Captains having been hitting the “Grand Slam” (a Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, and Snook all in one day) since they were in little league, but now it’s your turn at the plate!

Light Tackle/Fish Frenzy – $450 USD / $900 BLZ


Market Price

Prices based on full day excursions only, please contact an HFC Representative about half day charters, current promotions and specials.
Full day charters include lunch, non-alcoholic beverages, licenses, island fees, tackle/bait, equipment, and certified guides. All prices are USD.


*Good things come in small and big packages.
Pick a package or mix-and-match and we’ll be happy to provide you a detailed quote.


A Caribbean Fishing and Cooking Experience

Catching a fish is part of the adventure but if the word “Foodie” describes you, why not see and sous? Our Sazón Pelagic package includes a morning on the water, an afternoon picking out the fruits of your labor, and top chef instruction on preparing a traditional Belizean meal!


Spend the day on the water and the night at the HFC Lodge where your Crew will expertly the day’s catch at our own outdoor kitchen overlooking Sugar Reef. Stay where you play and enjoy all the amenities of rustic luxury (as well as a handsome discount.)


Spend the day on the water and the night at the HFC Lodge where your Crew will expertly the day’s catch at our own outdoor kitchen overlooking Sugar Reef. Stay where you play and enjoy all the amenities of rustic luxury (as well as a handsome discount.)


Board “The Pelagic” at dawn then spend the perfect day hopping between crystalline cayes, snorkeling, spin casting, and sunning, and that’s just before lunch! When you need a break from paradise your HFC crew will prepare an island-style BBQ beneath uncharted, shady palms. As they like to say in Belize, “Seez da day befor toollay!”


Corporate Event? Graduation? Honeymoon? Let HFC take the planning and pain-in-the-Barracuda out of the process. Our group packages entitle you to private use of the entire HFC Lodge, all boats and Captains, as well as our patented “red carpet” treatment.


Glover’s Reef Atoll is composed of four distinct Cayes but the real fun starts at the  end of the day. Take an overnight  trip to Glover’s where you will eat the day’s fresh catch, sip from a coconut macheted before your eyes, then peacefully retired to your own waterfront cabana.


Boat up this serpentine stream marveling at Toucan, Heron, and Tanager. Spy iguanas, howler monkeys, alligators, and ocelot. And don’t forget to refuel at the Black Coral Restaurant where you can cast your reel or scour through hand-made artifacts, relics, and voodoo-inspired charms. Just make sure not to anger the gods!


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