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“If the world had any ends, Belize would certainly be one of them.
It is not on the way from
anywhere to anywhere else. It has no strategic value. It is all but

–  Aldous Huxley, Beyond The Mexique Bay, 1934.


Belize may have changed a bit since Aldous Huxley’s day, but there’s a
reason why locals and visitors alike continue to call this corner of
paradise: “Unbelizeable.”

The least densely populated of all Central American nations possesses not only unrivaled fishing waters but wonders on land as resplendent as those at sea. To name just a few:
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve: 150 square miles of untainted forest make for the world’s only Jaguar Preserve – not to mention the home of over 300 other species including Ocelot, Puma, Curassow, and Coatimundi.

Xunantunich Mayan Ruins: Mayan for “Stone Maiden,” Xunantunich was excavated in 1959 and is only one of many majestic Mayan Ruins that jut from the landscape and date back to the Hats’Chaak phase (A.D. 670-750)…or before?

Bocawina Zip Line: Glide like a bird atop 2.5 miles of lush Rain Forest Canopy. The biggest zip line in Belize, Bocawina hosts 12 platforms, a rappel, and 8 runs – the longest of which stretches over 2,300 aerial feet.

Glover’s Reef Atoll: Belize’s Barrier Reef is surrounded by cayes, atolls, and islands as deserted and delicious as the one that Gilligan landed on in the famous 1970’s TV show. (Don’t worry – this is a “three-hour tour” we promise you’ll come back from!) Founded by the Glover Brothers – infamous rumrunners and pirate of the 1750’s – Glover’s Reef Atoll is just one of the many of the cayes, coves, and corners that dot the Belize Barrier Reef.

St. Herman’s National Park: Located In Belize’s Cayo District, this national landmark is famous for its clear blue pools and intricate cave systems. Inner tube into what the Mayan’s believed was the entrance to the underground world, searching out stalactites, carvings, and glyphs along the way.

Half Moon Caye: Want a “bird’s-eye-view” of the rare Red-Footed Booby? Give anything to gawk at Allison Anoles? Birds decorate the Ziricote trees like Christmas ornaments at this 44-acre Audubon Marine Conservation Area. And that’s just the beginning…

The Great Blue Hole: Perhaps the most famous of Belize’s natural wonders, this eye in the sea is a submarine sinkhole some 400 foot deep and one of only a handful of “UNESCO World Heritage Sites.” A diver’s paradise, the limestone cave made famous by French explorer Jacques Cousteau remains a dazzling destination to this day.


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